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Because many people have inspired the making of this book, there are too many names to include here. However, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely express our deepest appreciation to all who have played a significant role in feeding our passion for career development. Without your constant support and guidance, Games2Careers may have never made it to the press.


We wish to thank Stephen Wirth, Jim Ryan, and Maggie Kalas for providing the setting for the final chapter in getting this book published. A chance meeting with Stephen led us to Jim, who shared his recent experience as an author. Jim introduced us to Maggie, and it all fell into place. Maggie has been our friend, mentor, sounding board, and connection to the publishing world. She helped us transform our raw material into a book that could appeal to and help many people.


And we would like to thank, in advance, all the parents and educators who will use the information in this book to make a difference in the lives of countless children.

—Susan H. Gubing and Karen McKenna


My deepest gratitude goes to my husband and to my son whose love, patience, wisdom, and undying support are a blessing to me every day.


Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have many supportive people who allowed me to implement my creative ideas. Much thanks goes to all my supporters at the Smithtown Central School District, namely, career education advocates, Sherrion Elmore and Richard Collins, and Dr. Christopher Gallagher and Edward Ehmann, superintendent of schools. Their innovative leadership spurred me on to think in new and innovative ways.


Special thanks go to those family, friends and colleagues—you know who you are—who would not let me forget about my promise to write a book. Thank you for not letting me shelve this project under any circumstances. 

—Susan H. Gubing







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