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A Note From the Authors  

Susan H. Gubing


My passion for career planning and workforce development stems from my early childhood fascination with the occupations of people who surrounded me. Reading books such as the Nancy Drew novels and biographies caught my interest because of people’s roles in society. Even my Halloween costumes tended to be occupation related.


Although I can attest that my entrepreneurial parents played a big role in how I approached the world, it was more my inherent industrial curiosity that led me in the direction of my life’s work. Setting up lemonade stands, selling newspapers door-to-door, and observing my mom and dad working diligently into the night hours all molded my future career path.


My educational route to earn my degrees to teach business education and career counseling was influenced by my natural interest in high school business courses and my varied work experiences for a New York City temporary employment agency, which allowed me to try out various careers during college breaks.


At the age of twenty-one, I found myself at the doorstep of the teaching career I would embrace for thirty-eight years at the Smithtown Central School District in New York State. The door of opportunity opened for me to teach the foundations of business and to place students into entry-level positions. During these years, I found that I needed a system to help young people to make the appropriate career choices. The system was right in front of my eyes—the games I played as a child led me to my career passion. I knew this concept could lead my students to their ideal careers as well.


Eventually, a number of principles formed the foundation of my games to careers theory, which I now refer to as Career DNA (Dynamic Natural Abilities). Career DNA is comprised of several aspects to a person’s career potential, namely their authentic interests, aptitudes, work preferences, personality traits, learning styles, multiple intelligences, and values.


Using this formula, I have assisted—and continue to assist—tens of thousands of students and professionals in making wise, timely career choices. Like baseball players stepping up to the plate with expert batting knowledge, my clients have their Career DNA and are ready to swing the bat for home run career choices.


Comprehending my own Career DNA has allowed me to transition from one playing field to another. My consulting firm, CareerSmarts, continually illuminates new entrepreneurial horizons—both for me and for my clients. As a career consultant, I am now able to share my expertise with many educators at the postsecondary level. Speaking at conferences, assisting schools in establishing career planning programs, providing individual counseling, and sharing the Games2Careers book with the world has certainly fulfilled my greatest career passion—helping others to realize their career goals.


I suppose I will always be that enterprising girl who once sold lemonade from a stand—except now, I am selling career wisdom by the cupful!

Susan H. Gubing




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