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Indexes identify articles within magazines, journals, and newspapers. The subject can be defined very broadly and may include information in business, but also in education, technology and sociology. Many of the indexes below provide full text articles.


Many useful periodicals/journals are available via the library's full text periodical list located on the Library Serials page including Educational Leadership and the Journal of Curriculum and Supervision. The ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education provided access to many journals on the web, some of which are available in full text. This is a list of websites for the journals that ACVE indexed and abstracted through December 2003. Follow this link to view ERIC's index of vocational education journals: ERIC/ACVE Journals on the Web: A Mini-Guide

Other periodicals (unless indicated all are full text):

Selected periodicals:

  • Adult Education Quarterly
  • Adult Learning
  • American Journal of Distance Education
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educause Review
  • Innovations in Education and Training International
  • Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
  • Journal of Counseling and Development
  • Journal of Curriculum and Supervision
  • Journal of Vocational Behavior
  • NACE Journal formerly Journal of Career Planning and Placement
  • National Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Journal
  • Performance Improvement Quarterly
  • Techniques
  • THE Journal (Technological Horizons in Education)


Occupational descriptions will provide instructors with important information on employee activities. Some useful titles are:


In order to understand employee's occupational needs you may need to analyze and write employee tasks. Consult the LLC printed guide, "Performance Analysis" for more resources. Several specific sources are:

  • Authentic Assessment Toolbox How-to on creating authentic tasks, rubrics and standards for measuring and improving learning
  • DACUM Analysis and learning page
  • ERIC; a comprehensive collection of educational materials including performance analysis. Access the index via EBSCO using the Indexes page
  • Stout Thesis Collection Many Stout graduate papers are task analyses. Access the theses via the Stout Library Catalog. Choose one of the Keyword search options and limit your search to the Location "Thesis Collection"
  • V-TECS This is a series of specific task analyses in many diverse occupations. Search the Stout Library Catalog, using an author search, VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL EDUCATION CONSORTIUM. A list of V-TECS in the Library Learning Center is available on the WWW. The list is in alphabetical order by occupation
  • Writing Performance Assessment Tasks: An Online Guide Step by step approach to writing performance tasks


Print sources available in the Library Learning Center:

  • AAACE Directory
  • America's Top Internships
  • Chronicle Vocational School Manual
  • Distance Learning Funding Sourcebook 
  • A Directory of Public Vocational-Technical Schools and Institutes in the U.S.A.
  • National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs
  • Peterson's Internships  
  • Wisconsin Technical College System Guide



To cite online resources in appropriate bibliographic style see: Citing Resources

To organize citations and create bibliographies and papers in APA, MLA and other styles see: RefWorks and Other Citation Management Tools




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